It is going to be a long year without Kerri

She has been gone 3 weeks, and already I am done with her cat. Honestly, Diamond’s a sweet kitty and all…Actually, she’s not that sweet. She can be a real bitch, and she BITES too. You can’t pick her up to move her or she yowls at you (and may try to bite as well). But she’s old, 13 years old, and quite settled in her ways. She has decided that she prefers to be next to people instead of by herself, say, on the couch. Well, when I’m home, I’m not usually on the couch. I’m usually at my desk. So that is where Diamond has decided she needs to be.

So now I have to work with Diamond helping me, which she does this by continually hitting the keys on my keyboard.

It’s going to be a long year.