Grumble grumble

Unbelievable. I am working on my computer and suddenly a little system bubble pops up telling me that my C drive is low on disk space. I have two 145GB internal hard drives! How can this be? Well, darn it all, I really do have less than 1GB left on C. No wonder it takes hours for my system to backup, which I do on a remote server. And I have no idea what to get rid of; everything’s important.

I have been smelling poo all evening, but I can’t locate it. I’ve been all around the downstairs sniffing, turned Dot’s cage inside-out, and looked under all kinds of stuff, but it still eludes me. I know the dog needs a bath, but up close, she only smells like dog, not poo.

After grumbling the past few weeks about being invisible, what do I do? Neglect to tell Katie that her sister got her visa problem resolved and left for London yesterday. She cried. Boy do I feel like a shit. Maybe that’s why I smell poo.

I got a huge pain inside when I heard cars and voices outside the side of the house and realized it won’t be Kerri and her friends. This sucks. And with Katie planning on moving from Beverly to somewhere near Andover, we’ll never see her anymore either (even if it’s just for laundry). Must get another puppy to alleviate my empty-nest syndrome. Oh wait, that would mean more poo. Never mind. I’ll get another hard drive instead.