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Worst coffee day ever

Not to complain (but I’m going to anyway), but today was the worst coffee day I have ever had!

It was even worse than the day I packed a HUGE bubba-sized cup of coffee for a long day of music rehearsals and shows, and nearly choked when I took my first swallow (all the way in Cambridge too, so no turning back). I thought I was drinking motor oil! I seriously thought maybe there was cleaning fluid in my coffee because maybe I didn’t clean the cup out well enough or grabbed the wrong one (why there would be cleaning fluid in any of my coffee cups apparently wasn’t a question worth pondering in my panic). Turns out, I had just forgotten to put milk in my coffee.

It was worse than the time my mother-in-law (RIP) used decaf grounds instead of regular for 2 days and for those 2 days I thought I was dying, or at least was coming down with a terrible flu.

And, believe it or not, it was worse than any day I’ve found a floating insect in my coffee.

First , let me tell you that I am not that fussy with coffee. If it’s too strong, I add more water; if it’s too weak, I add a bit of instant. Dark, light, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not black. I prefer without sugar, but for years drank my coffee with sugar, so I suppose that doesn’t matter either. I prefer Dunkin Donuts brand, but I’ll drink instant with the same enthusiasm. I drink day-old coffee and store what’s leftover from that in the fridge to drink the next day! I’ve even been known to keep drinking my coffee when it’s room temperature.

This morning, however, I have discovered that there is at least one way I cannot tolerate coffee (okay, a second way; we have already established that I can’t stand black coffee. It is with sour milk!

My quest for a Hobbit garden

I’m trying to get a handle of making a real Hobbit garden in my front yard. However, I am totally overwhelmed with garden planning! All I know for sure is that I like hydrangeas, day lilies and my hollyhocks. I want tall perennials in the back and will probably keep annuals as my front borders. I have lots of Hosta in the backyard, but I don’t want them in the front. I would like a nice mixture of colors, but don’t want to limit myself to a specific pallet, as I like to select a different color every year for the annuals.

No wonder people have degrees in horticulture and get big bucks for garden designing. I will post photos as I try to get this done.