Home for the Holidays

Kerri’s home! Ever a kid at heart, we let her open a present early on Christmas day (Katie and Tim weren’t due til around noon).

Kerri and her new Slinky

Ker also made us a proper English breakfast, replete with beans, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs and bacon.

We also had Babci (Vin’s mom) and Nani (my grandmother) over the house. My brother Greg was sick, so he didn’t come up at all. Hopefully we’ll see him on New Year’s.

Nani just loves Dot, and fortunately, the feeling is mutual. Poor Nani, she’s a bit out of it with old-age dementia, so keeping up with Dot is about all she can do. Nani didn’t stay at our house the entire day, but considering we had her here by 9am, she did pretty well for the 5 hours she was over!

Nani petting Dot

Babi stayed until the very end of the day! She enjoyed our Christmas breakfast, the cinnamon buns Kerri made in the afternoon, and then the pork roast, lasagna and cannelloni Vin and Kerri made for dinner. I made 2 kinds of cheesecake, which Babci enjoyed with her wine.


Next up: New Year’s Eve! We’re having a Hobbit Day during the day, our annual Chinese food marathon for the evening, and Tim’s parents over on New Year’s Day.