firefox bookmarks frozen search results

I was actually googling “firefox bookmarks frozen” because I can’t add or reorder any of my bookmarks in Firefox, and I desperately want to bookmark some CDs I have been listening to through my Naxos subscription. I didn’t find any useful information, but I did see a line “Firefox has been frozen by your add-on.” in the search results. Even though the site was something I’ve never heard of (, it didn’t have google’s warning about being a spyware site, so I clicked on it. The article in question turned out to be just a link to another site, which turned out to be a photo gallery from the Telegraph (UK): “A tight spot: the silly animals that found themselves a bit stuck“. Great photos! Except the one with the six-week-old fox cub; that one was very sad. Thank goodness someone found the cub before it died. Of course, I still can’t add bookmarks.