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Snood jerky on Windows 7

As every serious programmer knows, Snood is a must application for those moments when it is more important to think than to type. Why, Snood has been helping me program since 2003! So I was quite alarmed when I installed the latest version of Snood (4.x) on my newly built computer with Windows 7 and it was jerky. It is just not possible to play Snood when it’s jerky. You can’t aim straight and end up missing all kinds of clear shots.

I did some googling, as I do when ever I have an issue, and lo and behold, I found a solution! Revert back to Snood version 3.52. Perfect! I downloaded the older version directly from the Snood website (the one from CNet was actually the newer version, even though it is labeled as the older), and now I can play Snood productively!