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Why are Aspies invisible?

But do you really see something if you don’t have a word for it?” An interesting article that also links to the Radiolab program that discusses color and how humans may not have seen blue until after we’ve developed the ability to see so many other colors. When I read that sentence, I had a sudden epiphany.

One of the constant and most consistent statements (feelings) among persons with Asperger’s Syndrome (now known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder) is that we are invisible. I have felt this way my entire life, and this has been witnessed by my husband over and over, where people just bypass me completely as if I am invisible. It’s terribly frustrating, and completely devastating to one’s self-esteem. And why are we invisible? Could it really be that NT (neuro-typicals, or, persons not on the autistic spectrum) have this sense of us, but without a word or other means to describe us, simply ignore us?


Not the center of the universe

This is amazing: After it loads, move the gray-square-button-slider under the picture to the left to see smaller, and to the right to see larger.

Looking at something like this really makes me appreciate how vast everything is, also puts into perspective how minor my problems and worries are. A teeny blip in the grand scheme of things. How lucky we are, with everything out in the universe (or multiverse) to have things in our world that are so pleasant, like music.

Speaking of music, careful, there’s music on the site! It’s not loud or annoying, but be aware in case you are at work and decide to peek.