A nest of baby rabbits!

Quite accidentally, I found a nest of baby rabbits yesterday outside our house! Well, to be truthful, I didn’t find it first; Katie’s dog did. Right here is where the momma rabbit built her babies’ nest. What’s strange is that with all the woods around our house and neighborhood, the mom picks our yard!

I was concerned about the health of one of the babies after the dog found the nest, so I came back out today to check on him. There are at least four of them in there, and none seemed to be injured, so I am hoping he is fully recovered. Poor thing – I hope he has no memory of it!

And another shot of the nest, with a bit more of their cover removed.

From the look of them, they are only a few days old!!

We are going to keep a good eye on the nest to make sure their momma keeps coming back to take care of them. I know she was back last night based on the way the nest looked today – it was way more covered than I had left it yesterday.