Hot July

A heat wave. I suppose nothing really new, although with hazy, hot and humid days and late afternoon thunderstorms, I feel like I’m living in central Florida again. My garden is dying, we are going to have a huge electric bill due to the constantly running ACs throughout the house, I have been taking showers at the end of the day instead of the beginning, and the animals are pretty much wiped out.

Here is Dot sleeping on her back. She tends to do this a lot anyway, but these days, almost every nap is like this.


Pixel spends most of the day in the TV cabinet.


We can tell Diamond’s hot because she spends most of the day on the desktop as opposed to her bed.


And Schrodie, our scardy-cat, won’t subject herself to the heat of a closed cabinet (her usual hide-out is the bottom of the china cabinet) and instead exposes herself to potential capture by Dot while hanging out in the pantry, which for some reason has always been cooler than the rest of the house.


At least it should cool down to the 80s next week!