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Music to listen to over and over again

There isn’t music much more basic than a piano and a voice or two. Every now and then I come across a piece that I have to listen to over and over again. Granted, part of that is my personality (or rather, autism), but I dare say that many would listen to this beautiful song and not want to hear it again immediately.

Watch the video; don’t just listen – at least the first time. The words and eerie background animation shadows tell a sad winter tale, but with such simple, haunting music.

So beautiful, so quiet, like falling snow. But when you are a wet and cold. When you are walking alone. When it is just getting dark. Each time you listen.

Steampunk Sweeney

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to play Sweeney Todd for the third time! It was the 2nd time I was able to play my self-orchestrated book for piccolo, flute, Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, oboe and English horn. I was in heaven playing that show, as it’s not only one of my favorites, it’s Sondheim!

The cool thing about this production was that the dress was “steampunk”, and the pit was encouraged to dress up too. We were actually up on the platform that doubled as Todd’s room on one side and Johanna’s on the other (it was pretty terrifying for me to climb up the stairs, but by Sunday I was cruising), and therefore visible the entire show.

Even though she lives in London, Kerri helped me put together this outfit. I purchased the spats and hat (I love that veil!) and bought some gear accessories to make the necklace. Of course, I suspect I look more like an extra from Firefly than steampunk, but whatever: it was fun!

And even better, although we won’t be dressing up, we are doing Sweeney Todd again in May with the same music director!