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Why Your State Sucks – ouch!

Ouch! Talk about cutting to the quick. TIME magazine has an article “Why Your State Sucks: The Great American Map of Fail” with a map of the 50 states and one simple fact about them. The thing is, the fact is something awful about each state! Having lived in Massachusetts for 13 years, it comes as no surprise that we’re famous (notorious?) for bad drivers. And it should be no surprise to anyone that Hawaii is the most expensive place to live.

Some of them are quite ironic. California with the dirtiest air (I said ironic, not bewildering) and Utah with highest porn usage (and all those Mormons, many of whom are not even supposed to own radios or TVs!).

But Rhode Island with the most drug use? Washington and bestiality? (How do you even begin to measure that? never mind, I don’t really want to know.) Maine the dumbest? But I think the most shocking ones are tornadoes in Minnesota and ugly people in North Dakota. I can’t recall ever hearing of a tornado in Minnesota. Blizzards, yet, but tornadoes? Actually, I’ve never heard that North Dakota is brimming with ugly people either.

Here’s a link to the map directly. Maybe you’ll learn something too!