car rental review of a dodge stratus and chevy cobalt

Now that I’m spending weekends in Connecticut caring for my grandmother, I’ll be renting a car every weekend. I can’t really take my Saturn SUV because Vin needs it for his trips to Home Depot, and there’s no way our 1997 Saturn sedan will last another 3 or 4 years (until the SUV is paid off) if I’m driving it 350 extra miles a week. So, off to the car rental place. I will try to review the car I drive each week. Mind you, though, I’m not much into cars, so my reviews might be a bit…unusual?…useless?…

The first car I rented was a Dodge Stratus. I don’t recall the color (my receipt says it was “magnesium”), but it had 4 doors, electronic locks and controls, and rode very nicely. It also had a CD player, and the indoor temperature of the car was very easy to control and keep me either warm or cool, depending on whether my body was acting normal or being terribly hot. Also, I had no problem finding the window controls as I approached my first tool booth on the Mass Pike (don’t laugh! with our new SUV, I had to open the car door the first time I drove it and needed to use the window quickly).

The next weekend I received a Chevy Cobalt. I always thought cobalt was a color, and was pleased when the car turned out to be blue. Of course, that was from a distance. Up close it looked more of a purple, and indeed the car’s key tag also identified it as purple. This car wasn’t quite as spiffy as the Dodge. The windows and locks were manual (on the other hand, no confusion at the toll), but the lights had an option to be either manual or automatic. I couldn’t figure out what setting I had on, so I ended up just turning them on and off manually. One major annoying thing about the Cobalt is that every time I used my blinker, I’d turn my bright lights on. But the CD player was great, the temperature controls perfect, and I always knew the outside temperature when I looked at the speedometer.

Oh, and speaking of the speedometer, I not only saw it turn over to 11,000, but I saw 11,111! I’ll post the photo of it as soon as I figure out how to get the picture off my cell phone.