X-Rays are Scary

In March, I inexplicably came down with pneumonia. The weird thing about it is that I wasn’t sick. That is, I didn’t have the flu, or even a cold. Just a cough that would not go away, and nighttime chills. I didn’t have a fever either, but I never get a fever as my body temperature is usually 97 degrees and change.

An x-ray confirmed I had pneumonia, and a round of antibiotics cleared it up. The cough lingered, but that’s normal (or so I understand). However, the follow-up x-ray showed an “enlarged right hilar”, and that led to a third x-ray, which shows the same. So now I have to go for a chest CT scan tomorrow.

Needless to say, I’m a bit freaked out, although realistically it’s not going to be the most dreaded thing. I’m sure I have some kind of auto-immune disease that I haven’t had diagnosed yet (mostly because I haven’t been to the right doctors for it) and what is being seen is a swollen lymph node.

So, wish me luck!