going postal

The cost of a first class stamp is going up, when, Monday? So I made my usual trip to the post office (not the one in Gloucester; another one which shall remain anonymous) to exchange the two unopened rolls of 39? stamps I have, and pick up another 60 2? stamps for the open roll of stamps I have.

Now let me digress for a moment to state that we rarely use stamps. I have so many because I have a rule (we OCDers have lots of rules) that once I open the last of something, I must get more immediately so I don’t run out. Well, if you order stamps online, shipping costs the same regardless of whether you order one or two rolls of stamps, so to save the 50? and the time spent ordering, I usually order two rolls.

Anyway, so I’m at the aforementioned post office and ask to exchange/return my old stamps. Despite having done this before at this exact post office, I was told that they cannot take back stamps, and if I’ve ever looked at my receipts, I’d have noticed that “all [stamp] sales are final.” So being the constant questioning person I am, I asked WHY won’t take stamps back. The response (in the words of Dave Barry, I am not making this up)?

“Because all sales are final.” WOW! I’m glad I got that cleared up!

I purchased 260 two-cent stamps and left.