Customizing the Vivaldi browser Bookmark Toolbar, part 1

I’ve been using Vivaldi as my primary browser for a few weeks now, after using it as an alternative, and there is no going back. I really like it. I have more or less adapted to the differences between it and Firefox (bookmarks, mostly), and have installed the few extensions from Chrome I can’t live without (FB Purity), and voila, I’m set up.

However, there was one thing that bothered me that I could not find an easy workaround for: the distance between the icons on the bookmarks toolbar.  I live off that toolbar, but here is how far apart the icons are by default:

Vivaldi default bookmarks toolbar icon width

Here is what my Chrome bookmark toolbar looks like:

Firefox default bookmarks toolbar icons

So after a few weeks, I knew I could not work with the icons that spread apart. They all couldn’t fit onto the toolbar, and I really didn’t want any overflowing to where I couldn’t see them (okay, my OCD is showing here). Vivaldi is supposed to be so customizable, so I thought, well, let’s see! Was I able to do it? Stay tuned! Part 2 coming up.