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Music to listen to over and over again

There isn’t music much more basic than a piano and a voice or two. Every now and then I come across a piece that I have to listen to over and over again. Granted, part of that is my personality (or rather, autism), but I dare say that many would listen to this beautiful song and not want to hear it again immediately.

Watch the video; don’t just listen – at least the first time. The words and eerie background animation shadows tell a sad winter tale, but with such simple, haunting music.

So beautiful, so quiet, like falling snow. But when you are a wet and cold. When you are walking alone. When it is just getting dark. Each time you listen.

Some practicing time

Another long stretch of gigs has come and gone. Since the middle of January, every weekend but Easter and one other (that one only had a rehearsal), I have had a concert or a show, or maybe both. I think that’s the most I’ve ever had booked before! And this was the year that I was determined to cut back ever-so-slightly by not double-booking myself.

Mind you, I’m not complaining! Maybe I’m bragging just a wee bit.

But now that I have some down-time, I can get back to practicing, serious practicing. And maybe some reed-making over the summer?