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RIP, my sweet boy Greyson

We lost our kitty Greyson in December, a couple of weeks before the holiday and VERY unexpectedly. He was fine, then started vomiting, stopped eating, and became lethargic, all over a three-day period. One of his kidneys was in acute failure, and so we made the heart-wrenching decision to let him go. I am still heartbroken, as he was my special boy, and loved to be on my lap. He also slept either on or right by me.

He loved to sit like this while taking a bath.

Here’s Greyson in his favorite hidey-hole spot.

Good news on the health front

I have been very lucky lately! Swollen lymph nodes only, a confirmation of chronic fatigue in the past, a weight loss of over 50 pounds, and major advances on the brain and energy fronts! I’m of course still not where I want to be (I’m aiming for 75% of what I used to be), but all-in-all, I am much better than I was.

X-Rays are Scary

In March, I inexplicably came down with pneumonia. The weird thing about it is that I wasn’t sick. That is, I didn’t have the flu, or even a cold. Just a cough that would not go away, and nighttime chills. I didn’t have a fever either, but I never get a fever as my body temperature is usually 97 degrees and change.

An x-ray confirmed I had pneumonia, and a round of antibiotics cleared it up. The cough lingered, but that’s normal (or so I understand). However, the follow-up x-ray showed an “enlarged right hilar”, and that led to a third x-ray, which shows the same. So now I have to go for a chest CT scan tomorrow.

Needless to say, I’m a bit freaked out, although realistically it’s not going to be the most dreaded thing. I’m sure I have some kind of auto-immune disease that I haven’t had diagnosed yet (mostly because I haven’t been to the right doctors for it) and what is being seen is a swollen lymph node.

So, wish me luck!